Attendees - Front End Visuals

Attendees want to network. Make it easy by including our searchable Attendee List.


Event Organizer Uploads: The event organizer uploads all attendees to the Attendee List via our Content Management System, UNLESS your App includes either our “MyProfile” feature or you have Attendee List info pulled in via Integration.
Personal "MyContacts" List: Save Attendees of interest to your personal “MyContacts” List.
Network Better: Contact Attendees by phone and/or email where that info is provided.
Take & Export Notes: Take & export your notes of conversations with other Attendees
View Photo: View an enlarged Attendee photo if uploaded.


EA_Attendee Personal Data_Attendee Listing Screen.jpg

EA_Attendee Personal Data_Attendee Detail Screen.jpg

EA_Attendee Personal Data_Attendee Enlarged Photo.png

EA_Attendee Personal Data_MyContacts List.png


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