How to Access Handouts in TBM Apps


Speakers have the option to upload supplemental materials, such as PDFs, to their sessions in the form of "handouts." As an event attendee, you can access them by doing the following:

  • In your event app, locate the session, presentation, or talk you will be attending. This is usually done via the "schedule" module. 
  • Once you have found your session, select/tap it to enter the session's page.
  • Uploaded handouts for a session will be indicated by a "handout" icon. You can select this to download the handouts.
  • The look of session pages, schedule modules, and even the app itself can change based on the design choices of the client. However, if a session has handouts uploaded, an icon or designation will always be present on the session page.
  • If there is not a handout indicator on the session page, this means that the session's presenter(s) has not uploaded handout materials. 

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