Assigning App Sub Owners

App Sub Owners have limited access to the TripBuilder CMS. You can allow App Sub Owners to have access to the Hot Topics, Committee Forums, Chapters, & Events features within your app. Sub Owners can then add the different sub features to be linked with their topics such as survey questions, polls, assigning experts, as well as monitoring their individual discussions. As a Sub Owner, they are also able to schedule/send out push notifications to their specific groups they are a part of.

Within the App Sub Owner module on the CMS you will click the Action button and select "Add Record". When uploading the record for each Sub Owner you will include their first and last name, username/Email, and password. Also do the following:

- Type: Select whether this sub owner should have access to post topics for Hot Topics, Committee Forums, Chapters, or Events. Sub Owners can have access to only some of these or all of these.

- Select Group: From the drop down, select which group the sub owner will be posting for. You can only select 1 group.

- Select Status: This will determine whether or not their sub owner login is active. *When you want a specific sub owner to no longer have access to the CMS, you would make their status "Inactive".

-Send Email: This will send an email from the TripBuilder system to the sub owner alerting them of their login credentials to the CMS. *This feature only works if the username uploaded is a valid email address.


If an app subowner is part of more than 1 group and should be able to add entries for multiple groups they must have separate logins for each group.


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