Creating Alerts

To access the Alerts (push notifications) section of the CMS click the Alerts button in the top toolbar. Once in the Alerts section click the ‘Add Alert’ option from Actions. This will display the alert detail screen. Enter the following information when scheduling an alert:

  • Alert Title
  • Alert Date (the date you want the alert to send out)
  • Alert Time (the time you want the alert to send out)
  • Alert Time Zone (make sure it is the correct time zone of where/when the alert is scheduled for)
  • Alert Description (the actual text of the alert)

Once you click Save this will schedule the alert. The alert will be in the list of alerts when you first clicked in the Alerts section.

Alerts can be preset ahead of time to go out while you’re at the event and they also can be sent out relatively instantly (for things like last minute cancelations or room changes).

If you schedule an alert ahead of time and then decide you no longer want to send it out, you can stop it from sending by changing the status button to the red Inactive. This can only be done if the scheduled date and time has not occurred yet.

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