Blind Emails


Blind emails are a way to allow attendees to email one another without providing their email address publically on the app. The user only sees the attendee’s name when sending the email, not their email address. Once the receiver of the email receives it, they then have the option if they want to share their email address with the sender. They would share their email address with the sender by replying back to the original email. Once the original email is sent through the app, the rest of the conversation takes place completely outside of the app and in the users’ email inboxes. When users add an Attendee to their Address Book it would not save the email address to the native Address Book.

For Blind Emails to work, each Attendee needs to have an email address uploaded into the Attendee Module. Once this is done, our system will automatically replace the email address with only the attendees name on the front end of the app.


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