Edit Icon – Restriction

Restrict by groups (requires grouping or personal interests) – To restrict access to the icon (as well as any features within the icon) click the + to expand the section. This will display a drop down that displays all the user groups in the app.

Select the group(s) from the drop down that should not have access to the overall icon or feature.

Restrict by passcode – To restrict access to the icon by a passcode or the app login, select the applicable radio button for your needs.

              Requires Login – This will require the user to log into the app to view the icon on their main menu.

              Requires Passcode – This will require the user to enter the specified passcode to gain access to the content within the icon. When they click on the icon the first time they will be prompted to enter the passcode. There will be two options -

              Enter passcode one time for all locked icons. – Users will only need to know one passcode to access any of the main menus that have been passcode protected.

Enter passcode one time for each locked icons. – Each main menu icon will have a specific passcode for it. Users will need to enter each specific passcode for the specific icon.

Once you’ve made your desired changes, click the Save button to save your changes.

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