General Template Uploading

When uploading the templates to the CMS modules you will get 2 options – Overwrite & Append.

  • Overwrite: This will completely wipe out any data in the module and replace it with the data on the template you are uploading.
  • Append: This will either add brand new entries to the existing data in the module or you can add data into the existing entries already in the module. See explanations below:

Append: To add brand new entries:

  • Download blank, new template from module.
  • Add only new entries to template.
  • Click Upload & Append. This will add these new entries to the existing list of data.

Append: To edit existing entries:

  • Within module, click the ‘Export Data’ option in Actions.
  • On the exported template, make any edits to the existing entries (for example, adding email addresses for all attendee entries on the list). Do NOT edit the unique ID field.
  • Click Upload & Append. This will edit the existing data that was already in the module.
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