Forum - User Generated Topics

For the Forum functionality, app users can generate and post their own topics in which fellow users can then discuss within.

For this functionality, the app administrator must create the main “topic” via the CMS along with the first “child” topic within that main topic. Users can then post their own “child” topics within the main topic.

To do this, create the main topic via the “Add Record” option in the Items/Core Modules module in the CMS. Once you’ve created the main topic, to create the first “child” topic, click the Add Record option again & enter in the title of that “child” topic. Next, within the Parent Name field, select the main topic you’ve already created from the list.

Once you have created the initial child topic, you can turn on the discussion for the topic by clicking the speech bubble in the CMS so it is green.


Within the app from the user perspective, they can post comments within the discussion for the topics along with posting brand new topics. They also have the option of “Follow Discussion” on topics they find of interest. Meaning they would receive a notification when something new is posted in that discussion. 

Also, as the app administrator you have the ability to inactivate any user generated topics via the Items/Core Modules module in the CMS if you wanted to remove it from the app.

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