5 Points to making the most of the Push Notifications in Your Event App

5 Points to making the most of the Push Notifications in Your Event App

  1. Showcase Your Sponsor – Sponsors like to be seen and heard. To make the most of this, you can send out sponsored alerts (push notifications). The alerts can say things like – “Be the one of the first to try the new Windows software. Stop by the Microsoft booth (#224) to try it out.”


  1. Clever Titles – You have a very short time to grab someone’s attention to view an alert when they see the push notification to come through to their device. Clever titles will grab your audience’s attention and make them want to read more (like actually read the alert you sent). Things like “Join us for Mimosas!” are sure to grab people’s attention.


  1. Short and Sweet – Like mentioned above, you only have someone’s attention for a very brief time so you want to make your actual alerts short and to the point. With long, text filled alerts, you run the risk of people not reading them all the way through. If you do have a long alert to send, we recommend making your most important point the first line or two so you can at least convey your message even if they don’t read the entire alert.


  1. Make Them Relevant - You want your alerts to be relevant and worth the read. Alerts should really only be about important information your attendees need to know, or information you think your attendees need to know. If you are sending out alerts that do not pertain to at least the majority of your attendees you run the risk of people tuning them out and then not reading any of the alerts you send out in the future.


  1. Don’t Overdo It – Like anything, if you are constantly bombarded with something, you can easily grow tired of it or get annoyed. The same goes for your alerts. You want to be selective. You don’t want to annoy your attendees. As the event organizer, you want your alerts to do what they’re supposed to – alert your attendees with the information they need, then and there. The alerts will come through as push notifications (which means, depending on the individual’s setting, their phone will make some sort of noise), so we don’t recommend shooting out an alert at 5:30am about breakfast at 7:30. Just because you might be awake, doesn’t mean your attendees are!

Example Alerts

Join us for Mimosas!

Join us for mimosas at our breakfast reception in the Grand Ballroom starting at 7:30AM. This breakfast reception is sponsored by Microsoft.


Win a new iPad Pro from Texas Instruments!

Visit Texas Instruments in booth #106 in the expo hall for the chance to win an iPad Pro! Must stop by before the end of the day on Thursday!


Join us for happy hour in the expo hall!

Join us for happy hour tonight at 5pm ET in the expo hall! We look forward to seeing you all there!


Stop by the DroneUp booth to learn about drone technology today!

Come see DroneUp in booth #310 in the expo hall to learn more!


Educational Sessions

The Educational Sessions are about to start---don't be late! Make sure to continue hitting the "Sync" button at the top right of our app to continue receiving all of our updated information.


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