Analytics Overview

There are four main types of reports you will find under the Reports section of your CMS, highlighted below. If you have Surveys, Polling or Session Tracking in your app you will also find specific reports for those features.

Dashboard: This screen will show you a variety of widgets about your overall app usage.

  • Drag and drop the widgets to re-arrange their order.
  • Click the Add/Remove Widgets button in the upper right corner to only show specific widgets.
  • Click the Settings icon in the upper right corner within each widget to filter the data.

Trend Report: This report allows you to compare the usage of your app over different periods of time. Using the fields in the menu, view the clicks in your app during a specific date range and broken out by a specific period (i.e. quarterly, monthly, etc).

Impressions Report: Use this report to view the impressions and click through rates for all the sponsorship opportunities in your app. Search by a specific sponsor name and generate a custom report to send to each sponsor.

Module Reports: View detailed click count reports on each of the main modules in your app.

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