Supplemental Icon Module to Allow for Multiple Entries


Setting up a supplemental icon module to allow for the upload of multiple entries enables users to click into the supplemental icon from the home screen of the app and then choose a specific entry from a listing page.

In order to set up a supplemental icon module to behave like this:

1. You will first click the Action button and select “Add record” within the supplemental icon module on the CMS.

2. Once on the edit page, within the "Page Type" field choose the "Grid" option.

3. Next, upload which type of file you would like to appear in this entry in the grid (PDF, Text, URL or Video).

4. Click save at the bottom of the page to save each entry.

For each entry you would like to appear on the list you will want to follow the above steps 1-3.

Please note that each file cannot exceed 1 MB.

The below screenshots show the Grid style setup & then when you click into one of the entries.



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