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Uploading FAQs

To upload an FAQ into your app click into the ‘FAQs’ module.

To add an FAQ you can either upload a batch of FAQs at once via the template or you can individually add FAQs directly in the CMS. 

To add a batch of FAQs click the "Download Template" option from Actions. Enter your FAQ data to the template and when you go to upload the template you will get 2 options – Overwrite & Append.

  • Overwrite: This will completely wipe out any data in the module and replace it with the data on the template you are uploading.
  • Append: This will either add brand new entries to the existing data in the module or you can add data into the existing entries already in the module. See explanations below:

Append: To add brand new entries:

  • Download blank, new template from module.
  • Add only new entries to template.
  • Click Upload & Append. This will add these new entries to the existing list of data.

Append: To edit existing entries:

  • Within module, click the ‘Export Data’ option in Actions.
  • On the exported template, make any edits to the existing entries (for example, adding email addresses for all attendee entries on the list). Do NOT edit the unique ID field.
  • Click Upload & Append. This will edit the existing data that was already in the module.


If you want to add individual FAQs directly to the CMS, click the "Add Record" option from Actions.

Enter the question, answer, and the sort order you would like the question to appear in the list of FAQs & click save.

Once you have compiled the list of FAQs, if you want to change the order of the FAQs you can do this by dragging and dropping the entries. See the next FAQs entry for more information.

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