Exhibitor Portal


The Exhibitor portal is a way for exhibitors to log into the CMS with their own credentials to edit their exhibitor list listing entry as well as to upload Handouts (if applicable).  This feature is designed to help take some of the work off of the event organizer.

When uploading the exhibitors (via the Exhibitor template or directly in the CMS), in order for the exhibitor portal to work properly the Email Field needs to be filled in. This Email will be the email address to which the exhibitor contact will receive their portal login credentials.

Once the exhibitors have been uploaded with the Email field filled in, to send out the credentials to your exhibitors click the ‘Email Exhibitors CMS Login Credentials’ option in Actions. This will send an email from the TripBuilder Media server alerting them of their credentials so they can log into edit their information.

We recommend that prior to sending out the email from the CMS that you email your exhibitors separately to let them know they will be receiving the email from TripBuilder Media.

Exhibitors can edit the following fields for their Exhibitors list entry:

  • Logo  
  • Keywords  
  • Contact Name  
  • Contact Title  
  • Address 1  
  • Address 2  
  • City  
  • State  
  • Zip  
  • Country  
  • Telephone  
  • Email  
  • Website URL  
  • Offers  
  • Description  
  • Handouts (cannot exceed 10MB each) – Accepted file types: PDF, PPT, XLS, DOC, TXT, PNG OR JPG File  

Exhibitors CANNOT edit these fields:  

  • Name  
  • Sub Name  
  • Booth  
  • Floor Plan Name (the same of the exhibit hall floor plan that has been uploaded)  
  • Whether they are a Featured Exhibitor or not  
  • Category  


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