Built in Polling


The built in Polling is accessed via the Schedule in the app. Within the Schedule in the App users would click into a specific session and as long as at least 1 poll question has been assigned to the session they will see the polling icon (see screenshot below).


Within the Polling module on the CMS, click the ‘Add Poll Question’ option in Actions. Enter the question, order index, and possible responses. Each question has the option to have up to 6 responses. When creating a poll question you will also want to assign the question to a specific session via the “Assign to Event” field.

The “Assign to Event” field will provide you with a drop down menu of all sessions that have been uploaded to your schedule module.

To assign the same question to multiple sessions, the poll question will need to be entered multiple times.

Once the poll question(s) have been created and assigned to view them for each session click the drop down menu in the Search field to view each session you’ve assigned the question(s) to.

To view the Polling results select the ‘Download Polling Report’ option in Actions.

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