Built in Polling - Speaker Perspective (Displaying Results)

While app users can view the polling questions & results directly on their personal devices, speakers can also choose to display the polling questions & results from within the app during their session.

This would be accomplished by attaching either a laptop (displaying the HTML5 version of the app from the laptop's browser) or a mobile device (displaying the native app) to the room's A/V. This would be handled with the event's A/V team.

To display the polling questions & results Speakers would - 

1. Enter the app like all other app users (depending on the login type of the app this may be going directly to the home screen of the app, entering a specific username & password, etc).

2. Navigate to the Schedule in the app & specifically the session in which they are speaking.

3. Click on the session to display the session's detail page. If polling questions have been uploaded to the system for the session the Polling icon will be displayed.

4. Click on the Polling icon to view the questions for that session.

5. Each polling question has a submit button and a view button. To display the results of the poll question, click on the View button.*

*NOTE: The results page does not auto refresh. Speakers would need to click the refresh button on the results screen to see the latest results. This is on both the HTML5 version and the native app.


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