Primary Phone Number Format in Template

The Primary telephone number needs to be entered in a specific format on the templates in order for the devices to dial that number correctly directly from the app.

This primary telephone number field is found in the following templates: Attendees, Speakers, Sponsors, Exhibitors, Members, Staff.


Below are the instructions on how to adjust the primary telephone number to fit the required format.

  1. Highlight cells with the incorrect format
  2. Ctrl + F to do a mass find and replace.
  3. You will receive this pop up. Click on Options:

4. Strip the phone field of any formatting by enter any additional characters you have in the Find What field (i.e. a dash, a period, parenthesis, etc.). In the Replace with field, do not but anything.

In the Search field, select By Columns from the drop down.

Click Replace All.

5. Right click and select “Format Cells”

6. In the Number tab, select the “Custom” Category

7. In the “Type” box, beneath Sample, enter: ### #######

8. Click Ok.


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