Auto Assign Experts (Linking Experts to Hot Topics)

Auto Assigning Experts creates the circuit between the experts listed for the hot topic with their bio listings on the expert list in the app.

To Auto Assign Experts follow the below steps:

  1. Make sure their name is entered in both places exactly the same (on the hot topic list & on the experts list). Example: Tom Jones on Hot Topics should be Tom Jones on Experts list.
  2. Click the ‘Auto Assign Experts’ option from the Action button (located in the Hot Topic module).
  3. For any experts who were unable to link up you received a pop up that contains the link to an ‘Error Report’. Download the Excel report.
  4. On this error report you will see a tab for “Missing from Expert List” and a tab for “Missing from Hot Topic”. These are the experts where their names either are not matching up, or they’re listed in one place and not the other.
  5. Make any necessary changes in the appropriate module on the CMS.
  6. Once you have made any necessary changes, click the Auto Assign Experts option again.
  7. If an expert has linked successfully you will see their last name in the Assigned Experts column in the Hot Topic module on the CMS.
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