Badge Printing

*This premium feature only applies if it has been selected in your License Agreement.

The Badge Printing feature is used in conjunction with the Lead Retrieval feature. Follow these steps to print the physical badges that attendees will scan (using the scanner within the app):

1. Go to the Attendee Module

2. From the Action button drop down, select "Print Attendee Badges"

3. A pop up will be shown on the screen. Select the Attendee(s) whose Name Badges you want to print.

4. Click "Generate Badges"

5. Click "Print Badges"

Printing Specs: Our badges are designed to be printed on Avery® Laser and Ink Jet Name Badge Insert Refills (5392). These print 6 badges to a page and the badges themselves are 3" x 4". The overall size of the sheet is 8-1/2" x 11".

We suggest you print a test badge prior to your event to ensure badges are printing properly.

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