Instructions for App Sub Owners - Adding Committees

*These instructions can be sent to your app sub owners to use when they are uploading data.


When you first log into the Content Management System (CMS) you will see the application listed. Click into the application via the hyperlink in the Application Name field. Once you are within the app you’ll see and be able to do the following.


Uploading Committees Entries

As an App Subowner you have access to the following in the CMS for your assigned group:

-Ability to upload Committee topics (for your specific group)

-Ability to add Experts (individuals) who link to the Committee topics

-Ability to add poll questions that link to the Committee topics

-Ability to add survey questions that link to the Committee topics

-Monitor the discussions for the Committee topics


To upload Committee topics take the following steps:

-Click into the Items module & click the Action button to “Add Record”.

-From the Assign Type field select “Committees” from the drop down.

-Enter any applicable information, such as the title of your topic in the “Name” field, a summary of the topic in the “Summary” field, an email address of the person people can email inquires or questions to in the “Ask” field & click Save. It will then be populated in the list in the module as well as on the app.

-If you have any Experts who will be assigned to the topic enter their first and last name in the ‘Assign Experts’ field. *If you have more than 1 Expert for a topic you will separate their names with the pipe symbol (the key below your backspace key on the keyboard). Example: John Smith|Bob Wilson

*Only app users who are a part of the same group will see the entry on the app within the Committees icon.

- Handouts/Materials can be uploaded for all topics. These can be documents (such as PDFs or PowerPoints) as well as links. Once you have saved your individual topic entries, on the listing screen in the Items module, click the + in the Handouts column. *Please note individual handouts cannot exceed 1MB each.


To add Experts (individuals) take the following steps:

-Click into the Leaders & Staff module & click the Action button to “Add Record”.

-Enter the first and last name of the Expert (exactly as it’s been entered in the Items module) as well as any other applicable information for the Expert & click Save.

*Once you have entered the Expert in both the Items module & the Leaders & Staff Module you will want to “Auto Assign” them. This is what creates the circuit between the Committees entry with the Expert entry. Within the Items module click the Action button and select ‘Auto Assign Experts’.

For any experts who were unable to link up between their Committees entry and the Experts entry you will receive an error report to download that contains the names so you can fix them. The names need to be entered EXACTLY the same in both places.


To add poll questions take the following steps:

-Click into the Polling module & click the Action button to “Add Poll Question” on the Committees tab.

-Enter the question & possible answers as well as select which Committees entry the question should be assigned to from the ‘Assign To Committees’ dropdown. *The Committees entries must be entered first in order to populate this drop down menu.

Each question can only be assigned to 1 Committee topic entry. If you have a question you want assigned to more than 1 Committee topic entry that question needs to be entered as many times.


To add survey questions take the following steps:

-Click into the Surveys module & click the Action button to “Add Survey Question”.

-Choose whether you want to add an Objective or a Descriptive question. If it is an Objective question, enter the possible responses below.

-Once you have saved your survey question go back to the main Survey module screen and click the + in the ‘Add to Items’ column to add the question to the Committees entries of your choice. *A survey question can be added to multiple Committees entries.


To monitor the discussions for the Committees topics:

-Click into the Social Feed module. There you will see a listing of any Committees entries you’ve added.

-Click the green arrow in the ‘View Conversation’ column. This will pull up the discussion for the specific entry.

-To delete a post from a specific Committees discussion click on the Social Feed module in the CMS. Once in this module you will see a listing of all your Committees entries that have discussions enabled for them. To view a specific discussion click the green arrow in the View Conversation column.

To delete a post click the small arrow for the post to display the “Delete this post” pop up. Once you click on the pop up it will remove the post. See screenshot below.



-To turn discussions on and off for all or specific Committees entries this will be done via the Items module on the CMS. Within the Items module there will be a speech bubble icon in the Actions column for each entry.

  • Green Speech Bubble = Discussion Enabled
  • Red Speech Bubble = Discussion Disabled

To enable ALL Committees discussions click the ‘Make all Conversation Active’ option within Actions.

To Disable ALL Committees discussions click the ‘Make all Conversation Inactive’ option within Actions.

You can also enable/disable discussions on an individual basis. This can be done by clicking the speech bubble icon so it switches colors (red to green or green to red).


Sending Alerts to your Group:

-You have the ability to send alerts (push notifications) to your specific group. Click the Alerts button in the top toolbar.

-Click on the Action button and select ‘Add Alert’. Enter your alert title, the date and time you want it to send out (make sure you are set for the proper time zone you are in) and the alert description & click Save.

-Any alerts you have scheduled will be shown in a list. If you have scheduled an alert and decide you no longer want it to send out prior to the date and time, click the green active button so it changes to red & inactive.

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