Uploading Staff/Experts Photos

Once the list of staff/experts has been uploaded to the Staff module in the CMS you can then add the photo (headshot) for each staff member/expert.

To upload a staff/expert photo click the edit icon for each individual (the pencil & paper icon in the Action column). Once on the edit screen for the individual entry click the browse button, select the photo file from your computer, and hit save on the entry.

If a photo has been uploaded for a staff/expert there will be a “Yes” in the Photo column on the Staff listing screen in the CMS module.

For staff/expert photos, the file size cannot exceed 256KB and height needs to be greater than the width. The ideal size for the photo is 400 x 510 px. Staff/expert photos need to be either a .jpg or .png file. *Please make sure the file name does not include any special characters such as apostrophes or underscores.

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