Timed Splash Pages

Timed Splash Pages are full page ads that are scheduled to appear on the app screen at a specific date and time (it doesn't matter which page of the app someone is in at that time). When the scheduled date and time comes if someone is in the app at that time then the image appears on the screen & they must X out of the image to continue. If someone is not in the app at that time then the next time they open the app the image will appear on the screen and they must X out of the image to continue.  


Timed Splash pages are setup with in the artwork section of the CMS. You will click on the Timed Splash section and click the “Add Timed Splash” for each one you would like to upload.

Within the pop up enter the date, time, and appropriate time zone of your event you would like the splash page to send out. From there select the actual files from your computer and hit save.

If you would like to send out the same piece of artwork multiple times each timed splash page will need to be uploaded however many times you would like to send it out, with the appropriate date and time for each one.


If the timed splash page has a sponsor, enter the sponsor name in the Sponsor Name field to track the metrics for the sponsor (located within the Sponsors Report). This sponsor name is not displayed on the actual app, it is strictly used for the analytics.

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