Schedule Handouts - Uploading & "Deleting"

Uploading Handouts:

To Upload Handouts on the Schedule within the Schedule module in the CMS click the + in the Handouts column. A pop up window will appear and within that window click the “Add New Handout” button.

Handouts can be uploaded via the actual file or they can be uploaded via a URL.

If you are uploading the actual Handout file the following file types are accepted and each Handout cannot exceed 10 MB: PDF, PPT, XLS, DOC, TXT, PNG OR JPG

If you are uploading a URL that hosts the Handout there is no file size limit.

You can upload multiple handouts per Schedule entry.


Deleting Handouts:

If you have uploaded a handout that you no longer want available in the app you’ll need to make that handout “inactive” in the CMS.

When you click on the handouts icon for that session and see the listing of the handouts uploaded for the session, simply click the green active button so it changes to the red inactive button.

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