Setting Session Capacities (via Schedule Module)

Via the Schedule module, you (as the client) are able to set a session capacity via the backend CMS/templates. This functionality limits the number of individuals (users) who can add an entry to their personal in-app MySchedule. Via the backend data, any capacity can be set for each individual entry. The capacity is the number of users who can add the entry to their personal list (Capacity = 1, one user may add the entry). Once a capacity is reached, the app greys out the entry and disables the radio button “o” from working preventing any other user from adding that same entry to their personal list. If a user tries to add an already taken entry, they will receive a pop-up message: “This time has been booked by another attendee. Please select a different time.”

If a user unchecks a previously selected entry via the listing screen or via their MySchedule, the capacity is reset and after a sync the app will remove the grey outline from the specific entry. The entry becomes available again for other users to select.

NOTE: The this functionality requires a reliable internet connection.

NOTE: If an internet connection is not reliable at the time a user attempts to add an entry to their MySchedule, then the user will receive a pop-up message letting them know that an internet connection is needed.

Setting up this functionality via the CMS: 

First, download the Schedule template via the Schedule module in the CMS. You will see a column called "Capacity". Add in the entries as you normally would. In the "Capacity" field enter in the capacity you would like to set. This column only accepts numerical values. There is no limit on the capacity you choose to set. Note, Capacity = 1, one user may add the entry to their MySchedule. 

 Once the data has been entered into the template, upload the template back into the CMS. You have successfully set up the capacities for each entry. 

Front End View:

User A enters the Office Hours (Schedule module) Icon via the Main Home Screen:


User A selects an available entry(ies) from the listing screen:


 User A adds an available entry to their personal MySchedule via the radio “o” button:


User B view (user A’s selections are greyed out after a sync):


 User A MySchedule:


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