Configuring Interactive Floor Plans

From the secondary toolbar in your CMS site, select Interactive Floor Plans

Select the Floor Plan in which you'd like to map from the 'Select Floor Plan' drop down.


Select the 'Draw Room/Booth' toggle to draw the room/booth squares on the floor plan image. When drawing rooms/booths they will be blue until you assign them.


To delete a room/booth in which you've drawn, right click on the drawn square and select 'Delete Area'.


Once you have drawn your rooms/booths, select the 'Assign Room/Booth' toggle to now assign your booth/room. Click the room/booth square and type in the name of which you are assigning, this will pull from the data uploaded to the CMS modules to select.


Once you have selected a room/booth the square will turn yellow.


In the upper right corner you can see and click on the Mapped/Unmapped to see how many items remain.


NOTE: This page does NOT auto-save. Please be sure to click Save in the upper right corner as you go.

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